October Man

The October Man Sequence is easily one of the most sought after seduction “patterns” ever to exist. Ever since exposed to the general public by Neil Strauss in his New York Times bestseller expose “The Game”, the October Man has nearly reached legendary status. Said to be composed by a mysterious underground guru, it exploits a little-known loophole in the female mind and make a woman fall in love with a man rather quickly (in 15 Picture of the october man sequenceminutes – or even less in the case of master seducers).

There’s a video on the October Man Sequence which is flying somewhere on YouTube, but here’s what you need to know. A simple version of the pattern is this:- create a “symbol” which is then linked (or anchored in proper Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP term) which you then manipulate to make a woman like you. Obviously this works well if you are well versed in NLP or hypnosis. There’s a simpler version (which is equally effective) called the Dark Rake Method which is designed around the same technique but easier to use.

If you want to use the October Man Sequence successfully, then you’ll need to know exactly what to say to a woman to develop deep conversational rapport with you. With the pattern, you’ll be able to make a woman feel emotionally connected with you. Using what’s called “weasel phrases”, you’ll be able to get her feelings to fire up for you. It’s amazing stuff, but definitely not for the fainthearted.