October Man Sequence

October Man Sequence – What It Is, And How It Works

The October Man Sequence was first mentioned (rather briefly) by Neil Strauss in his seminal New York Times blockbuster, The Game. It has since become somewhat legendary… simply because the claims are bold: expert users of the October Man Sequence are said to have the ability to make women want to sleep with them in very short time (15 minutes or less).

When it was first made available in the form of a digital download, it created somewhat of a stir in the underground dating community. The reason is that the technology is so powerful that unethical guys are known to use the technique to harm women (emotionally).

The origins of the technique

It was invented by a somewhat shadowy figure who went by the name of IN10SE, and he was also featured quite prominently in Neil Strauss’ book (albeit using another name). He was one of the students of Ross Jeffries, a seduction community “Godfather” who pioneered work in using hypnosis in seduction (he came up with his own techniques now known as Speed Seduction). IN10SE created the October Man Sequence using his own experiences based on this hypnosis technique called Fractionation. Others have developed their own version of the technique and adapting it for very specific purposes, e.g. using the routine as a method on how to kiss a girl and make her fall in love quickly.

Why and how the October Man Sequence can be harmful

According to people who are familiar with the technique, using the October Man Sequence to seduce women is like “bringing a machine gun to a stick fight”. It’s somewhat unfair, and certainly dangerous. Using the technique, master seducers are reputedly able to control a woman’s feelings, and would often bend them to their will. This is dangerous because unsuspecting women could well be manipulated and in the process become vulnerable.

Some argue that this knowledge should be kept hidden because of its potential to cause harm to women. For those who are interested in human psychology, extreme persuasion and influence, it is beneficial to look at the book just to see if it could really live up to its promise.

To women: be aware that such a technique exists, and if you happen to be smitten by someone very quickly, you might just be another victim of a master October Man Sequence practitioner.

To men: knowing the October Man Sequence will give you the ultimate advantage in seduction. However, it could be difficult to master as it involves advanced hypnosis and intimate knowledge of Neuro Linguistic Programming. For a much simpler version of the technique (which is easier to apply, but equally as effective), check out the Fractionation Online Masterclass. It’s the cornerstone of what many consider as the spiritual heir of the October Man: Shogun Method.

This Masterclass by Derek Rake is free, but before you watch it, you must promise NOT to use the technique with the intention to harm women. Otherwise DO NOT watch the video.

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  1. I am a total believer in this method. I really don’t see anything wrong with it as long as the woman doesn’t end up all messed up in the end.

    I would actually like to learn more about it myself. For now all I have been able to find is some crap material that doesn’t really teach it very well.

    If there is anyone who can direct me to actually methods of learning without bankrupting me I would appreciate it.


    1. There are several ebooks out there which explain the technique, but the Wikipedia link above gives a good overview of what it is. For a more detailed description, check out some of the forums (can be found by Googling October Man Sequence). Derek Rake’s Shogun Method (http://shogunmethod.com/) is an offshoot of the OMS; some say it’s easier to learn and not as convoluted as the original.

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