October Man Sequence To Steal A Woman From Her Boyfriend

Okay, I’m going to spill the beans on using the October Man Sequence and give you the whole deal when it comes to getting a girl who already has a partner. However, you must be watchful when you adopt these tactics – or else you might risk yourself if the partner is the local ninja.

How To Use The October Man Sequence To Steal A Woman From Her Boyfriend

“Place A Loser Tag On Her Partner”. Here’s how it works – once she understands that you can make a better boyfriend than her existing one, then that’s a strong reason to dump him for you. The thing is that it’s actually very simple to make her think that you are better than her current partner – you just need to ask her to describe to you her ideal partner. When you do this, her partner will look TERRIBLE – simply because it’s super hard for him to measure up against her ideal description of a perfect partner. Sneaky, isn’t it?

“Short-circuit her logic and access her emotional triggers”. Here’s a tactic that works – always. The best method to attract a girl with a partner is to cultivate a authentic strong emotional connection with her. Here’s the thing… you can never “convince” a woman logically to leave her partner for you… never!. You must short-circuit her “guilt factor” and make it hard for her to live without you.

“Inner change”. This action step (based on hypnosis and Speed Seduction) requires you to take a good hard look at yourself and then ask yourself: ‘Why would she ditch him to be with me? Get down and dirty and cut out all the things you detest about yourself. You are good enough for her, or for anyone – and you will need to convince her by becoming her IDEAL partner.

With the above tips, you now have the best tools to seduce a girl until she decides to dump her boyfriend to be with you. Here’s the deal – if you would like to seduce women with boyfriends then you will need to short-circuit their emotions using psychology tactics. And the October Man Sequence might be too complicated for that. Use the Fractionation Formula – which is much easier to use but gives the same results.