October Man Sequence Pickup Lines: What To Say To Women

Women absolutely love hearing sweet nothings from men – especially when they are from the heart. As the man in the relationship, you’re ‘bound by duty’ to make your girl happy. To do this, you gotta know the things to say to her that will get her to swoon into your arms and get hooked on you.

It won’t matter if you are still chasing her or you’re already her partner – you have to always keep her contented by showering her with romantic lines. Read on to discover the 3 lines to say to a woman and get her to love you for it…

October Man Sequence Pickup Lines: What To Say To Women

1. “I Will Stay With You…Now And Forever.” This romantic line may sound plain and straightforward – but it works! This romantic line is so much more than the boring “I love you” which may possibly sound boring if repeated long enough. By saying that you will love her all the time, you are actually making a vow, and this is extremely sexy to women. Try it!

2. “I Want To Spend Every Moment Of My Life With You.” This is a definite ‘insecurity annihilator’ – it will work to reassure her that you will be with her through both happiness and sadness. Nothing appeals to a woman moreĀ  than a guy who would be with her through the challenges in life.

3. “I’m Extremely Blessed To Have You”. Say this with utmost sincerity and she will fall into your arms immediately. It’s also important NOT to sound completely amused when you tell her this – remember that you deserve her as much.

These lines are derived based on female psychology techniques which are known to be able to make women develop real feelings with a man rapidly. Using these methods, professional casanovas have been known to create exceptionally strong emotional rapport with women. Once known only to a selected few in the “shady” seduction community, these methods can now be used to enable any man attain amazing success with women. The seduction community is known to use these techniques that work magically on women.

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