How To Be A Bad Boy With 1N10SE Patterns

Girls are fairly easy to understand when you get right down to the basics. There are a couple of things that you really should try to bear in mind when dealing with them but once you’ve learned these, it is very easy to seduce any girl you desire. How do you transform yourself into someone that women will not only respond to but genuinely like and love to be around? The answer is quite easy – be a bad boy! You will need to transform yourself. Read on to discover a number of effective tips on how to do this…

How To Be A Bad Boy Using Hospital Pattern Seduction

“- Be unreserved”. Stop worrying already! Haven’t you noticed that it is useless to worry about what women think about you yet? If you always live in fear of female rejection, odds are you would never get anything done. So, stop imagining about getting with your dream girl and go make it a reality already! When you stop thinking about the outcome, then you will give the impression of a bad boy who is highly attractive to women. Go for it… ladies will see the difference!

“- Display strength”. As a guy, you must always flaunt your strong points and bury your weak points from her. Do this – take time to find out which is which and display your strongest traits while avoiding your worst ones always. You don’t have to be PHYSICALLY strong to be attractive to the ladies – in fact you can use mild hypnosis to create the illusion inside a woman’s mind that you’re physically strong.

“- Short-circuit her rational thought process.” If you are able to say one thing and then do the opposite to what you say, you are sure to win in this game of seduction. If you can, convince her that you actually like her, but tell her you don’t. The confusion and bafflement will impulsively attracted to you uncontrollably you like bees to honey. Why this works is dead straightforward: confuse her and her mind will immediately try to seek an answer and determine what your feelings truthfully are. This trick alone can save you a lot of effort as she’ll be the one wooing you!

The problem with the Hospital Pattern Seduction (and the October Man Sequence) is that it’s pretty complicated to use (especially when you are not familiar with hypnosis and NLP). A much simpler method, known as the Fractionation Formula, is based on the same technique but much easier to apply. Try it out!